Top 5 Tips When Boarding Your Dog

Here are our top tips, let us know if we missed any!

Tip 1 - Try To Avoid Kennels

When leaving your dog in care, having your dog stay “cooped up” in a kennel should be a last resort.  At Surrey Dog Daycare, we don’t own or use kennels ever – your dog is free to wander the house and backyard as he / she sees fit.  Dogs need exercise, socialization, and love – and we provide that and then some.


“Also, we do not crate your animal at night (unless you specifically ask us to) as we like to let the dogs find their own places to hunker down and nap”.

Tip 2 - Ensure Careful Supervision

Leaving your dog in someone else’s care is stressful on both the dog and the owner.  It is imperative that you, as the owner, understand the level of care and supervision your pup will receive prior to boarding your dog.  Questions re: who will be watching your dog while you are gone, whether the backyard is completely escape proof (fenced off), and how emergencies are handled are just a few of the questions you should be asking.  

Tip 3 - Verify Vaccination Policy

Most dog boarders will have a vaccination policy that their animals must adhere too.  Not only should your dog be vaccinated, so should the dogs at the boarders as well.  Ask the owner for a copy of their policy.   

At Surrey Dog Daycare, proof of vaccination is required for each pet and must be up to date. You must provide each pet’s vaccination certificate as well as any other relevant information regarding your pet(s). This will be asked for at the time of booking. 

Tip 4 - Bring Your Own Food & Discuss Meal Times

Maintaining diet continuity is very important, especially while your away on an extended trip or vacation.  Having consistent nutrition given at a consistent time is important, as introducing new food during a stressful time can lead to upset stomachs and irregular bowel movements.  

Tip 5 - Ask for pictures and / or Videos While Away!

With the proliferation of smart phones, video cameras, social media (facebook, youtube, etc) – ask your dog boarder if they would be comfortable sending pictures to you while you are on vacation!  With free services like WhatsApp, you can send a pic in seconds, free of charge from anywhere in the world.  

Leaving your dog is very stressful, however a nice new pic of your dog playing with the other dogs or sleeping on the couch goes a long way to alleviate any stress you might be feeling.  

Ask for pics and videos to be taken and sent, it is a nice touch and a good dog boarder would be happy to send them!