Best dog parks in Surrey

Ten Best Off Leash Dog Parks in Surrey

Finding a quality park to take your dog should be easy – in this article, we look at the best dog parks in Surrey, B.C.

Not sure where to take your dog for some off leash fun?  Don’t worry, Surrey has a lot of great parks to choose from.  Let’s take a look at ten of the best places you can take your pup for some outdoor fun. 

“Surrey has a large variety of quality dog parks – you can’t go wrong with any of the choices below”!

Dogwood Park

Address: 13485 – 20 Avenue, Surrey BC

Located along 20 Avenue in South Surrey, Dogwood park is one of my personal favourites.  The park is huge, with a bunch of fantastic trails in the back. 

Rain, snow, or shine – there are almost always dogs running around and ready to play.

Serpentine Dog-Off Leash Park

Address: 12589 – 76 Avenue

Serpentine Dog Park is a great park for those of you who want to do walk a few laps while letting your pupper run around off-leash.

With around 1.5 hectares (3.5 acres) of fenced in open space, the Serpentine off-leash area offers the opportunity for longer distance dog running and activities like Frisbee.

Note that this park offers the same area for dogs of different sizes.

Blackie Spit

Address: 3136 McBride Avenue, Surrey, BC

One of the more uniquely named dog parks in Surrey, Blackie Spit has a fully fenced off-leash dog area for your pup to play in.

This park offers the same area for dogs of different sizes. The off-leash area is east of the main parking lot at McBride Avenue and Wickson Road, next to the tennis courts. Here, you’ll also find  a covered area for those rainy days when Rover still needs a run.

Further to the north of the primary dog off-leash area, at the far north of the parking area, you’ll find the Blackie Spit dog off-leash beach. This area of the beach is fully fenced in with a shoreline to explore and a swimming area for dogs. See the Dog Off Leash Area & Swimming Beach Map to see where to take Rover. Remember to use a leash when travelling between the main dog off-leash area and the beach area.

Note that dogs are not allowed on regular beaches between May 15 and September 15. The exception to this is the off-leash area at Blackie Spit at Crescent Beach.

Tynehead Regional Park

Address: 17200 Block of 96 Avenue (Hatchery Parking Lot), Surrey BC

Tynehead is one of my favourite dog parks, hands down.  Oh, and it is big, real big too (2.5 hectares off leash fun)!

The park is accessible from the 168 Street parking lot, or a connecting pathway from the 96 Avenue (hatchery) parking lot.  If you live in Fraser Heights, you can also access the off-leash area from the Tynehead pedestrian overpass which crosses Hwy 1 at 168 Street.

The Tynehead dog off-leash area offers a range of open space for open running and play, as well as a 750m off-leash pathway ideal for jogging with your dog. There are some on-leash paths that connect with the off-leash area, so keep an eye out for signs which indicate when to get the leash on.

Bolivar Park

Address: 13591 Crestview Drive, Surrey BC

Bolivar Park includes a two-acre fenced dog off-leash area, located east of the main parking lot. It is mostly open field grass, ideal for running your dog or a game of catch.

Note that this park offers the same area for dogs of different sizes.

Clayton Dog Off-Leash Park

Address: 7011 188 Street, Surrey BC

Another personal favourite of mine, Clayton Dog park is one of the few dog parks that has both a small and large dog area.  As my dog daycare caters mainly to small – medium sized dogs, this is a great place for me and my clients to take our pups.

This park is also quite large, at over 3 acres, and it is fully fenced off, so your dog can’t run away on you.  Note:  Parking is available off 188th street.

Forsyth Park

Address: 10632 – 139 Street, Surrey BC

One of the newest, if not the newest, dog parks in Surrey – Forsyth park is a great place to let your dog(s) cavort while you enjoy the scenery.  

Better yet, this park has an area for small dogs and an area for big dogs.  Let your dogs enjoy jumping on and over logs, we promise you’ll all have fun!

Freedom Dog Park

Address: 15452 – 84 Avenue, Surrey BC

Freedom Dog Park is a great park, however there is one important caveat you should note:  There are parts of the park that don’t have fencing.  Keep a watchful eye on your dog or dogs when they are playing, just in case.  

Kennedy Park

Address: 12171 90 Avenue, Surrey BC

Another favourite, partly because it is quite close by – Kennedy park offers a fully fenced in dog off-leash area, with an area of approximately 0.6 hectares (1.5 acres).

The off-leash area includes open space and a natural forest area as well as separate areas for large dogs and small dogs. A small parking lot is accessible from 90 Avenue.

Panorama Park

Address: 12863 – 60 Avenue, Surrey BC

The Panorama Dog Off-leash area is located in the south portion of the park, adjacent to 60 Avenue. It is fully fenced in, and takes up about 0.25 hectares (one acre) of the park.

The terrain is predominantly grass, with a looping gravel pathway around a central field. This park features the same area for dogs of different sizes.

Note that this is a neighbourhood park, so there is no parking lot provided.